As professionals in development of carbon dioxide neutral  systems we can help your business in finding new green energy solutions.

Delivering ready technology

Technical consultation - a green solution for emissions of CO2

Carbon dioxide policy

Being developers of a novel technology we can assist your business with solutions for reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

We collaborate with e.g. companies, universities, governments and others on development of solutions for carbon dioxide abatement and  climate neutral technologies for the modern industry.

Our solution is e.g. to produce methane, methanol and other valuable fuel products in a single step by electrolysis of water and carbon dioxide -  by use of green solar electric energy. The method is inherently more efficient than the traditional two step methods. Our process in its present form is new and patents have been patented.

PP                                                     Purchase equipment or Plan Project

We will be able to help you in case you want to

project or obtain power-to-X equipment using our

solid acid CsH2PO4 membranes. We advise or sell the essential

parts. Our present setup is a much improved version of the

setup published in Journal of the electrochemical Society [1, 2].


'General Terms of Sale and Delivery' of CO2Techn are given at

the end of this section. If you have requirements not

described in the General Terms of Sale and Delivery,

please contact us.


[1] "CsH2PO4 as electrolyte for the formation of CH4 by electrochemical reduction of CO2" by E. Christensen, I. M. Petrushina, A. V. Nikiforov, R. W. Berg and N. J. Bjerrum, J. Electrochem. Soc. Vol. 167, 044511, 2020.

[2] "Methanol Synthesis from CO2 and H2O Using a Solid Phosphate Electrolyzer at 240 oC and 28 Bar" by E. Christensen, R. W. Berg, R. Krüger and N. J. Bjerrum, J. Electrochem. Soc. Vol. 170, 014502, 2023.


Dr.  Rolf W. Berg



Lecturer Ph.D. in Chemistry


Dr. Berg is a specialist in chemistry, Raman spectroscopy and energy related research aims. He has a long academic career.

+45 40 50 41 91

Niels J. Bjerrum


Prof. Dr. Techn. in Materials Science


Has more than 50 years of experience in high temp. chemistry and research related

to materials

science and

energy sources.

+45 39 63 69 11

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