Our idea

The company stems from close collaboration with professor Niels J. Bjerrum, DTU Energy. The technology is developed by Niels J. Bjerrum and the team behind the company, and is protected by a patent with the title: “Method and Apperatus for Methane Production". The idea is based on co-electrolysis of water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

The main function of our first patent (more to come) is to create methane from carbon dioxide and water. Small changes to the same technology can be used to produce other more valuable and useful compounds, e.g. "green" fuels to substitute for "black" fossils.

In the Better Business Better World report from the Business & Sustainable development
commission from 2017 it is explained how the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) creates a large number of opportunities for business development within the goals [1]. The commission examines four business areas (food and agriculture, cities, energy and materials, health and wellbeing), all expected to be critical in achieving the SDGs and all representing a market of up to 12 trillion USD. The report presents a top 60 of the biggest market opportunities related to the SDGs.

Looking at Energy and Materials at least 6 of the 17 possibilities are in some way
relevant to our developed technology. It comprises areas such as energy storage systems, energy efficiency, green chemicals, etc. To understand the potentials of the technology, investigation of the market, understanding of the different stakeholders and exploration of the different business models are necessary and resulted in the development of CO2 - a company, utilizing the potentials of the technology to help large emitters go green by reducing their carbon dioxide emissions.


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